378493_704864080207_145540750_n (1)My name is Chelsea and I’m an English major in my junior year of college. Although this blog is supposed to be for one of my classes, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun with it. I come from a family of six – being the oldest of four girls – which means there are many different opinions on what we watch.

If I have to choose, though, I’m more of a fan of comedies than anything else. However, I’ll never say no to a good action flick. My favorite movie is Jaws, but I absolutely loved The Other Guys and I recently got into the Bond movies (Skyfall was amazing). As for television shows, USA Network’s “Psych” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” are two of my favorites right now.

Originally, this blog was supposed to focus on reviews of bad television – the kind of bad TV that you can’t help but watch. However, there are a lot of shows that I think are underrated, so I plan on pointing them out. (There are also some shows and movies that people know are good, I just want to add my opinion to the mess.) The goal is to have two posts a week, mostly focused on bad TV, but interspersed with some reviews on good TV.

That’s the major gist of my blog. If there’s a show or movie you think should be featured on here, leave it in a comment because I’m open to suggestions.

I have also recently started a website to better aid my blog.


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