ChellsBells’ Excellent Ghost Adventure

Dude, stop running!

Well, scrolling down the screen, but you get my point. Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” is one hell of a show, not necessarily for the right reasons. Let’s get the basics out of the way. But bear with me – whether or not you believe in ghosts or the supernatural… that has nothing to do with this post. The goal of this is to talk about the men who are on the show. So, let’s begin, shall we?

You have three guys who get locked into different locations that have histories of being haunted. The locations vary, but the hunters remain the same: Zak Bagans (self-proclaimed lead investigator), Nick Groff (investigator/camera operator), and Aaron Goodwin (investigator/camera operator).

My favorite thing about the show is actually the beginning during their opening credits. They don’t have a theme song, but they do have a voice over where Bagans talks about his experiences and why he began ghost hunting. But whatever. There’s a part where he says, “…with no big camera crews following us around…” (or something like that). Now, this show kind of runs in competition with Syfy channel’s “Ghost Hunters” – a show that does have camera crews following them around, so in my mind it’s a dig towards it.

Anyway… If there’s one thing you can count on with “Ghost Adventures”, it’s that you will hear the word “dude” at least five times in an episode. Seriously. I had a coworker who told me that she and her friends would turn it into a drinking game – every time someone says “dude” they would take a drink.

Another thing that kind of cracked me up is actually the guy, Zak Bagans. If you watch him in the first episode they premiered, he’s this skinny, almost gangly guy. But then you get a few episodes in and all of a sudden he’s bulked up and crazy looking. But he’s still the skinny, geeky guy – there’s an episode where they have  a lock-down underground and he has to wear a special mask due to respiratory issues.

The show is just a riot. They yell and run away and are generally scared of everything. Plus, there’s this belief that orbs are manifestations of spirits – but like my Sasquatch post where it’s never a bear, always Bigfoot – it’s always a ghost and never dust or a bug.

So, here comes the question: Does “Ghost Adventures” sink or swim? I’m gonna have to go with sink on this one. Not that I don’t watch the show – I totally do. But in reality, it’s just some guys running around with cameras. This is one of those shows you put on when you just want some background noise – fun if you’re bored, pretty much.

I’ve embedded episode one from season one in this post, so you can come to your own conclusions. Also, if you’re on tumblr, you can follow the “Ghost Adventures” blog.


One thought on “ChellsBells’ Excellent Ghost Adventure

  1. That quote “Dude! Stop running” is from an early episode. What cracks me up about that is that Zac (whose quote this is) was the one running in the first place. The other two had caught up and passed him by, because he didn’t want to be left behind he yelled that causing them all to turn back into macho young men.

    They recently changed the intro with Zac saying to the effect “My ghost hunting crew” and my two ‘helpers’… Aaron and Nick. What?? Talk about effected. That bugs me. Aaron and Nick do more and get more experiences than Zac. I basically ignore him and focus on the others. : )

    That aside I find this one of the best shows about ghost hunting on tv. Why?..
    • Because there are no cameras following them around. It’s only them. (with the new helper guy revising in a side room, but he doesn’t effect anything)
    • They almost always catch something really good due to the above.
    • NO Sound effects!
    • Aaron is so innocent and his reactions are great. He’s always made to do the scary sit-alone position and its fun to watch those situations.
    • Something usually happens to Nick
    • (negative) Zac is too much of an actor dramaking + so entirely full of himself — due to this I don’t really believe his claims the majority of the time.
    • (negative) They like to have ‘famous’ people on their show. I could care less about stars, etc.

    Other ghost hunting shows…
    • Competition: “Do you hear that?” Um, no! The sound guy stupidly added effects there. Save money. Fire the sound guy!!

    • Other competition.. have any of them ever caught anything even remotely decent? Not that I have seen. Reflections and sounds which are covered by effects (if they aren’t effects in the first place) and or easily debunked by the laymen.

    • Brit ghost hunting show used to have that guy on there saying, “Heeeeellllooooooo” over and over and over. All I could think is that the spirits on the other side were all saying “Shhhh, nobody reply to the idiot”. I mean, would you feel the urge to reply to that? I wouldn’t.

    A lot of shows on this topic take a less than serious approach, they often lack respect too. If they give ghost hunting respect and dignity then I’ll watch regardless. It’s better than honey boo boo, ice farmers and lawn mower boy reality tv shows of late. *gag*

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