I am… Not Iron Man, Just a Blogger Excited for the New Movie

I think it’s time to talk about Iron Man 3. Now, it doesn’t officially premier in the States until Friday, but with this kind of franchise, it’s become common for theaters to do a midnight showing.

I’ve been to the midnight showings for movies like The Avengers, several of the Harry Potter series, Twilight (it was a dark time in my past, I don’t want to talk about it), plus the midnight book releases I’ve gone to as well. So, imagine my surprise when I found out the Iron Man 3 would not be having a midnight premier – at least not at the theater I would be going to. Instead, it was having an early showing at 9 pm the Thursday night before.

Now, I wasn’t the one to call the theater and find this out, but I’ll tell you what I was told. Because this is a Disney movie – we all know Disney bought Marvel in 2009, right? – and it is rated PG 13, it was decided that it was appropriate for kids. So appropriate, in fact, that they would go out to see a movie on a school night.

I’m so unbelievably pumped for the movie. So excited, that I took the entire weekend off from work to bask in the awesome that is Robert Downey Junior and Iron Man 3.

From what I”ve heard, Iron Man 3 made a killing in its overseas premiers, totaling nearly $200 million, according to this article. So yeah, I’m excited. My geeky heart is near to bursting as the day gets closer.


One thought on “I am… Not Iron Man, Just a Blogger Excited for the New Movie

  1. I’m so excited to see it! I hope it lives up to the first two because… well… I can’t even remember what the first two are about. OTL Well, I can sort of remember the first one. Bits and pieces of the second. Anyway. Excited! And Robert Downy Junior. Yes.

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